MAM Mission and Code of Conduct

Approved by Board: 04/12/2023

Mission Statement

In affiliation with Pacific Masters Swimming, Manatee Aquatic Masters offers regular coached workouts, organized competition, and social activities for its members to foster a community of adult swimmers interested in competition and/or improving their overall fitness and abilities.  (Adopted by MAM Board of Directors 5/2010)

Rules and Regulations
This opportunity to participate in Masters swimming is made possible by MAM.  As outlined in article 402, page 87 of the USMS Rule Book, members must accept that this opportunity is a privilege and, as such, shall conduct themselves with integrity and in a sporting manner. Unsporting conduct is listed in Appendix 1 below. Unsporting conduct might result in immediate removal from the pool and/or a loss of team membership.

Directions from the Coach
Always abide by any instructions from the coach regarding team announcements, workout directions, and safety matters. The MAM coaches follow guidance provided by United States Masters Swimming, which provides the liability insurance to MAM. Not following directions from the coach is considered an example of unsporting behavior.

Pool etiquette
It is the responsibility of the member to be familiar and to follow the current pool etiquette guidelines (see Appendix 2 below).

Disputes during workouts
Any member disagreement with the coach or with a team member must be addressed after, not during, workout. To the extent possible, disagreements should be handled calmly and privately, and include the coach or a board member if necessary. The Coach has the discretion to remove members from the pool.

Guests of the City and University
Our organization uses two pools: the Emeryville Center of Community Life pool through a paid permit arrangement with the City of Emeryville, and the Trefethen Aquatic Center through a paid permit arrangement with Mills College at Northeastern University in Oakland. Members must comply with rules or guidelines expressed by City and University employees, such as the City and University lifeguards who are on duty during our workouts. Please bring any concerns or questions about City rules to the Head Coach or to a Board member. Not following directions from the coach or from city employees is considered an example of unsporting behavior.

It is the responsibility of the member to be familiar and to comply with the current dues policy.

Any team member may register a complaint against another team member or coach for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the team. Written charges related to the complaint against another member from the team must be filed with the Board.  Before any action, the team member(s) concerned must be heard by the Board in person or in writing, and interested parties will be given the board’s decision in writing. A complaint by one member against another can result in some action, including expulsion from the team.

Although MAM is a social club and not a charity, from time to time we do facilitate charitable activities among members. See our policy.

APPENDIX 1: Unsporting Conduct

All examples of unsporting conduct will be followed by MAM. For clarity, select ones are copied here from Article 402 Of The Usms Rule Book 402.4 Unsporting Conduct. Unsporting conduct as it relates to Part 4 includes:

  • 404.4.5 Any intentional non consensual physical contact, obscene language or gesture, or other threatening language or conduct directed toward members, volunteers, staff, or bystanders in connection with USMS administrative activities, events, or workouts.
  • 402.4.6 Any discrimination or harassment based on an individual’s age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, mental or physical disability, protected health and medical information, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local law, where applicable, directed toward members, volunteers, staff, or bystanders in connection with USMS administrative activities, events, or workouts. 
  • 402.4.7 Any non consensual sexual conduct, pattern of unwelcome sexual advances, or other inappropriate sexually oriented behavior or action by a USMS member toward a member or any other person participating in any capacity whatsoever in the affairs or activities of USMS. 
  • 402.4.9 Causing a credible and material risk to the safety of USMS members or others who may be present during USMS activities.

APPENDIX 2: Pool Etiquette

Our pool is often filled to capacity, with swimmers ranging in ability and experience. Following these guidelines helps to avoid conflict and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. We have adapted the USMS pool etiquette guidelines for our team. If the etiquette guideline you are curious about is not found on the list below, please see this document .

If you know how to drive, then you know how to swim within floating lane lines. Swimmers self-organize into lanes by speed. If you need to stop swimming during the workout, “pull over” at the wall. Move out of the way of other swimmers by sliding into a corner. Don't hang onto the lane line—you will get a parking ticket.

From USMS Circle Swim Diagram

  • Swim with other swimmers of comparable speed. Ask the coach on deck if you are unsure.
  • Do you best to be on time, and be considerate when joining a lane if you are late.
  • Enter the water feet first. This is mandatory for all Masters swimmers. Dive from the starting blocks only when instructed by your coach.
  • Circle swim, staying always to the right of the lane, only moving toward the center when ready to turn at the wall. See diagram below.
  • Leave the pool if you are unable to continue swimming.
  • Scoot to the right corner of the lane when facing the coach when standing or holding onto the wall.
  • Talk quietly with your lane-mates when the coach is giving the workout to other lanes, otherwise it’s hard for people to hear.
  • Tap once on a swimmer's toes in front of you, indicating that you wish to pass at the next turn.  If someone taps on your feet, please be polite and let them go ahead.
  • Allow 5 seconds between swimmers, and do not pass while swimming.
  • In general, be courteous to all swimmers!