Team Rules and Regulations

Mission Statement and Rules

In affiliation with Pacific Masters Swimming, Manatee Aquatic Masters offers regular coached workouts, organized competition, and social activities for its members to foster a community of adult swimmers interested in improving their overall fitness and abilities.  (adopted by MAM Board of Directors 5/2010)

This opportunity to participate in Masters swimming is made possible by MAM.  Members must accept that this opportunity is a privilege and, as such, shall conduct themselves with integrity and in a sporting manner.  In order to achieve the above-stated mission, the Manatee Aquatic Masters Board of Directors has approved (1/22/2011) the following rules, to which all registered MAM members and guests must comply.  The privileges of membership and participation may be withdrawn if the conduct of a member is inconsistent or interferes with the mission of the organization. 


Behavior at Swim Workouts

Directions from the Coach: Always abide by any instructions from the coach regarding team announcements, workout directions, and safety matters.  The MAM coaches follow guidance provided by United States Masters Swimming, which provides the liability insurance to MAM.

Disputes during workouts: Any member disagreement with the coach or with a team member must be addressed after, not during, workout. To the extent possible, disagreements should be handled calmly and privately, and include the coach or a board member if necessary.  The Coach has the discretion to remove members from the pool.

Workout etiquette: It is the responsibility of the member to be familiar and to comply with the current etiquette guidelines.

Physical or Verbal Aggression: Any hostile, threatening, or unwanted physical contact or language directed toward a coach or member will not be tolerated and is grounds for expulsion from the team by the Board. 

Guests of the City:  Our organization uses the Emeryville Center of Community Life pool through a paid permit arrangement with the City of Emeryville. Members must comply with rules or guidelines expressed by City employees, such as the City lifeguards who are on duty during our workouts. Please bring any concerns or questions about City rules to the Head Coach or to a Board member.


Familiarity with dues policy and procedures: It is the responsibility of the member to be familiar and to comply with the current dues policy.


Any team member may register a complaint against another team member or coach for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the team.  Written charges related to the complaint against another member from the team must be filed with the Board.  Before any action, the team member(s) concerned must be heard by the Board in person or in writing, and interested parties will be given the board’s decision in writing.  A complaint by one member against another can result in some action, including expulsion from the team.

Although MAM is a social club and not a charity, from time to time we do facilitate charitable activities among members. See our policy.