** COVID-19 Health and Safety Update: As of September 2021, we have revised our practice policies.  Practices are currently limited to current, registered members of the Manatee Aquatic Masters. We are not accepting any drop-in swimmers. All members must have verification of a COVID-19 vaccination on file.  All new members must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to joining the team.

Please adhere to the set workout hours. Our current schedule can be found here.

Please show up ready to get in the water at your chosen workout time --do not come more than just a couple of minutes early and do not come later than 10 mins into the hour. Announcements and first sets will be given at this time and, if necessary, lane reorganization may be done at this time if lanes are too crowded.  

If space is available, you may stay for the next workout. Please check with the coach on deck first.

Please be considerate of other swimmers finishing their workouts. If you arrive early, please don’t assume you may jump in and start your warm up.  If the lane is still swimming, wait until they're done and your time begins.

The last workout of each morning will need to get out a bit early as Emeryville lessons and lap swimming start on the hour or half-hour--depending on the day. All other workouts will be one full hour. 

Masks are required on deck any time you are out of the water and in the locker rooms if you are not in the showers.

Locker rooms are currently open and available for use at ECCL.


MAM Updated Liability Release

MAM Social Distancing Policy

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