Manatee Competition Group

How to sign-up for the Manatee Competition e-mail group 

Hello Manatees,


The Manatees maintain a separate e-mail group for people interested in going to competitions.  It is useful for inquiring about who is going to a swim meet, or trying to get a relay organized, or arranging travel to swim events, or similar quests.  It is not recommended for people who do not wish to see such e-mails.

To join, simply go to:!forum/manatee-competition-group

and choose "Join Group." You will need to enter the email address that you wish to use to subscribe. You can choose to receive an email every time someone posts to the group, or to receive periodic summaries of group activity.

In order to foster a worthwhile experience for group members, and to limit unnecessary emails, please adhere to the following simple guidelines.

  • The topic on this group is Manatees Competition-related news and information exchange only.
  • Anyone may post a message and it will go to the entire group.
  • If you reply to a group message, please note that your reply will go to the entire group.
  • If a message thread becomes off-topic, or not of interest to the group, please take that discussion private.  Use your discretion.
  • Be nice -- no flaming or nastiness.
  • No junk postings such as jokes, virus alert messages, notices about missing children, urban legends, etc.

  Go Manatees!