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2013 2x1 Relay

NOTE:  This page describes a PREVIOUS 2x1.  To see the 2014 2x1 page please click here:


Pacific Masters Swimming
the 2013 23rd Annual
Manatee 2x1 Open Water Relay Swim
(2x1 - 2 people swim 1 mile each)

Held on

Saturday September 21, 2013
Location: Lake Del Valle, Livermore, California
USMS Sanction Number:  383-W004

This year we are bringing BROUGHT back the RELAY TAG 'N GO!

(This format is different from the 2012 event.  This year, the first swimmer will exit from their race, tag their partner on the beach, and their partner will enter the water to finish their relay race.  The TOTAL relay time, including the tag, will be used to determine the team standings.)


Results are posted on the MAM site under the 2013 2x1 Relay tab.  They are currently FINAL results.  Click here to view them directly:



We have many pictures documentating the 2013 2x1:



Questions?  Please email us at


Speedo backpacks and Vanquisher 2.0 goggles

Sample awards: 


Left:  Speedo backpacks and Vanquisher 2.0 goggles


Right:  Martin Strel's open water swimming DVD









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Thank you to ALL our Donors without whom this event could not take place:

GOLD Donors:






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BRONZE Donors:


Brian Stack

Head Coach

Manatee Aquatic Masters





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Thanks to Jason Perry for the MAM 2X1 logo

Paper Registration Closed

If you want to register by paper entry then please download the entry form (click here) and mail it to the address on the form, which is:

Manatee Aquatic Masters 2x1 Relay
4131 Gregory St.
Oakland, CA 94619

Be sure to include your payment in the form of a check made out to "Manatee Aquatic Masters 2x1 Relay".

If you want to make use of "One Event Registration" keep reading...



One Event Registration

If you are 18 or over and want to swim in the 2x1 but are not a USMS or USA-Swimming member, you can purchase a "one event registration" to USMS.  (Sorry - only USMS offers this; USA-S does not.)  This type of registration allows you to participate in one Pacific Masters/USMS sanctioned event (e.g. the 2x1).  "OEVT" registration is less expensive than a full USMS membership but only allows you to swim one event  If that's all you want to do this year then this is exactly what you want.  Just so you know:

Full USMS membership purchased prior to September 1, 2012:  $48

Full USMS membership purchased on/after September 1, 2012: $38

One Event Registration purchased in 2012:  $25

(note - OEVT registration can be upgraded to full registration.  See details on the OEVT form.)


In order to pre-register for the 2x1 using One Event Registration you must submit a Paper Registration form (above) PLUS the One Event Registration Form (download here).  (We hope next year to be able to offer this on-line but this year pre-registration with One Event Registration must be done the old-fashioned way.)  Include both completed forms, plus two separate checks with your paper entry. The OEVT check should be made payable to "Pacific Masters Swimming" and the 2x1 registration check should be made payable to "Manatee Aquatic Masters 2x1 Relay".

If you have any questions please email us at

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